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Bingham Engineering Consultants has experience in engineering and inspections services in many areas. Among the most prominently used engineering services and terms our Engineers have experience with:


Forensic Inspection

With expertise we examine a building to investigate any structural comprimises and give solutions so your building will be as strong as new or stronger.

Foundation Repair Analysis

Like Forensic Inspection we find solutions to foundation stress and give recommendations for so you can stand on a solid foundation.

Retaining Walls

Our Engineers give calculations and details for retaining walls.

Fire Damage

Fire Damage affects the whole home and can make a structure unsafe. Our team analyzes the integrity of the structure for rebuilding.

Lateral and Vertical Analysis

Lateral and Vertical analysis of any structure to determine the resistance to presures like gravity or wind.

Post Tension Slab

An analysis and calcultaions for better resistance to various soil conditions. 

Structural Drafting

We create drawings to submit to the city for aproval of permits for builds.

Special Inspection

To do many projects it is required to have inspections to maintain the quality of the build. Inspections include epoxy, welding, high strength bolting, retaining walls and footings, manufactured housing.

Sign Stability Calculations

 We engineer signs and billboard to stay up inspite of the wind or the rain.

Solar Panel Support Analysis

Our calculations make it possible for additions like solar panels or rooftop air conditioning units.

Masonry Walls

We engineer buildings to be stable from the inside out.

Expert Witness

Our experience, education and skill make us qualified to testify at The Registrar of Contractors hearings and civil cases.

Structural Engineer



Structural Engineers

Structural Engineer 

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