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Our dedicated engineers succeed in interpreting the design criteria and endeavor to design structural systems in keeping with the architect’s ideas as well as within the project budget. We are positioned to undertake projects and provide all necessary structural consulting services, utilizing any form of building material, in order to assist clients in completing construction documents while minimizing financial impact.

We are active in consulting engineering for a variety of structural needs. These include structural design of new construction projects such as tract and custom houses, post tensioned foundations, additions to warehouses and strip shopping centers; repair of damaged structures including industrial buildings, warehouses, churches, shopping centers and more.


The Company started with F. Dan Bingham in the early 1970's. We have been part of the Phoenix community since then. Our projects are all over the state and has extended to other states like California and even to the east coast like Virginia and Pensylvania. 


Our company has changed through the years in size, but has always been dedicated in using the people we have to provide the best quality service we can.

Learn About Each of Our Dedicated Staff 

Structural Engineer



Structural Engineers

Structural Engineer 

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