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Quality Engineering Starts with a Dream

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

It was 1965, when Dan Bingham received a Civil Engineering degree at Brigham Young University. While attending school he had taken a structures class as part of the program and a new dream was born. 

His interests were piqued and he realized he wanted to build something that would leave his mark on the world. Many dream of being their own boss, of controlling their schedules, and influencing those around them. This was Dan’s dream as well. While he gained his own experience and expertise, he continued to desire to be his own boss and make this dream a reality. 


Dreams can come true…


In 1976,  that dream came to fruition as Bingham Engineering and Construction was born. For five years, Dan worked hard both as an engineer and a contractor gaining experience and expertise in his field. Dan’s experience as a leading forensic engineer gave him the ability to review how buildings were made the reason there were cracks in the foundation along with problems with the engineering. 


“Time Spent doing 

 construction made me 

 a better consulting engineer.” 



Dan worked with a few partners throughout the years, one of the first, being George Felten. He and Felten eventually changed the name of the business to Bingham and Felten. Life continues to grow and change; Dan and George had to grow with it. After he and George parted ways as partners, Dan began training a group of engineers some of whom would create their own engineering companies further influencing the industry. Prominent names like Jeremy Walterscheid, Dan Steele, and Matt Sheard were all trained under Dan’s expertise and guidance. 


Times Can be Tough…


Dan worked with companies like Del Webb and helped build Hendersen to be the city it is today. He was on his way to seeing further improvement in the company than he ever thought possible, but like many businesses, Bingham Engineering was affected by the economic downturn of 2008. Financial turmoil increased in many ways throughout society. The stock market crashed, businesses were closing, people were losing jobs, and Dan’s world became more challenging as construction projects slowed. He saw good employees slip away, other employees had to get part time work to help keep themselves going.  

He spent the next five years fighting to keep his business alive.  Through strategic steps and accepting projects to build custom homes and remodels he was able to slowly see the other side of an economic challenge and in 2013 he was able to breathe a little better. 


Reality becomes legend…


When Bingham Engineering began as a small company, it was important that he pursued bigger projects such as custom and track homes. More than four decades in business, Bingham Engineering has experienced many changes. Changes in name, changes in partners, changes in engineers, in economic twists and turns. Through the years, Bingham Engineering became a recognizable name by many of its competitors. Dan’s influence and understanding of both the engineering and contracting side of the industry that Bingham Engineering became the place of solace for those who were seeking to fix complex problems. 


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Dan’s dream began with a structural engineering class. With one thought, he made his dream a reality. Through many years of service in the engineering and contracting business he has built and developed cities and homes to what they are today; he left his mark on the world. 


Dan has since retired from the industry leaving his company in our capable hands of BR3C Investments. We feel it is important to uphold the legacy and reputation that Dan Bingham built since inception. We continue to seek out projects with integrity and determination. It is because of Dan’s expertise that we strive to follow the same problem solving empathy Dan used to resolve complex issues and employ competent engineers to continue building where Dan left off. It is our goal to move forward knowing the past can and will continue to impact the future. 

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